Wooden Polish Material for Minimalist House Design

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Wooden Polish Material Must be Applied

Since wooden furnishings become very popular among people at urban society, wooden decoration ideas with wooden polish material are always used for main concept to build minimalist house. Wooden decoration does not need any combination of other material if it is assembled in minimalist house design. Wooden material can be assembled as house flooring, ceiling, even for pathways. Wooden material will also be used for house furniture; even wooden furniture is more lavish compared to other furniture which is made of other material, such as aluminum, iron, and etc.

Minimalist wooden decoration ideas are perfectly authentic to be assembled as both interior and exterior decoration. Moreover, wooden material can be colored with much kind of paint substances. The wooden polish material can be made to have glossy effect even rustic effect. Using wooden material is very authentic for furnishings at minimalist house design. Since wooden material has authentic elements, adding natural elements such as tropical tress or rustic stone at backyard will make a minimalist house becomes more authentic.

Wooden Polish Material Ideas

Wooden material is also very suitable to be assembled along with metal furniture such as aluminum longue chair near rectangular blue swimming pool. For exterior decoration, choosing rustic wooden material is a must because it will bring great effect for exterior decoration. Adding pounded limestone for fence is also great option so that exterior decoration will be more authentic. However, since wooden material is mostly used for minimalist house design, installing transparent glass window must become very adorable.

For a minimalist house which is assembled by transparent glass window, wooden minimalist house for both interior and exterior design becomes very authentic. Assembling Cross wooden bar for exterior decoration will also make backyard of minimalist house is looked so authentic. With fireplace assembled at backyard, cross wooden bar will have strong impression. Thus, if building minimalist house, minimalist wooden interior and exterior decoration ideas with wooden polish material must be applied.

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16 Photos of the Wooden Polish Material for Minimalist House Design

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