Pattern Concrete Wall for Magnificent Minimalist House Design

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Minimalist House
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Pattern Concrete Wall for Best Minimalist House Design

Applying minimalist house design with pattern concrete wall to renovate an ancient building will not charge extra budget. Renovating an ancient building into a minimalist house only needs little change. Using concrete material can be the best option since transparent glass panel is much expensive rather than using concrete material for main exterior decoration. However, for exterior design of a minimalist house, there must be another furnishings or at least artistic design. Thus, exterior design of minimalist house will not be looked so rigid. Key to design exterior part of minimalist design is actually on combining other artistic elements.

Since applying artistic minimalist house design should be assembled along with artistic furnishings, concrete wall can be made with adorable design. For separating patio with main building, a tall concrete wall can be built. Thus, a minimalist house will be looked like more magnificent with its artistic design. Moreover, changing plain concrete wall with pattern concrete wall is also an epic idea. Pattern concrete wall will make an exterior part of minimalist house contrasts to concrete block along with green weeds buds.

Pattern Concrete Wall Design

Assembling plaited rattan sofa with suede cushion can also make a harmony between concrete wall and green grass field. Moreover, rustic wooden floor just made a plaited rattan sofa with artistic design becomes adorable. Thus, whether concrete material is dominating all exterior design of minimalist house, artistic furnishings can make it becomes more adorable. Some artistic rug with mosaic and floral patterns must be very suitable to be assembled along with wooden floor and pattern concrete wall. Thus, it is not only exterior part of minimalist house which will be so adorable, but also its interior design.

In addition, assembling transparent glass material for some parts of minimalist house is also needed. Since wooden material is dominating for floor material, using transparent glass balustrade is better. Thus, a minimalist house will be looked so magnificent even so dauntless along with pattern concrete wall .

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17 Photos of the Pattern Concrete Wall for Magnificent Minimalist House Design

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