Outdoor Dining Sets for Modest Modern House Model

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Unique Rounded Lamp and Black Sofas on the Wide Grey Rug
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The Architects Outdoor Dining Sets

Although the modern house which applies the outdoor dining sets is called the Stone House, it is not composed of stone. Instead, this house employs black and white main accent in its interior design. Particularly, the house employs dark furniture inside the house. Therefore, it is called as the Stone House. Located in Sweden, the house is built on quite spacious area. It means that the residents could have some more space for their own interests.

The architects then designed the house so that it could take the whole family. This modern house plan, then, has a living room, kitchen, family room, laundry room, six bedrooms, and even a garage which is managed to protect two cars. It also has outdoor dining sets placed under a big umbrella. The house plays with the combination of concrete wall and glass wall. The glass wall is employed so that the residents could enjoy its own beautiful garden.

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Let’s take a look at the house’s kitchen and dining. This part of the house is integrated into one large area. Its floor is covered by black ceramic tile in order to emphasize the stone theme. The kitchen employs white wooden counters as combined by black countertops. Half kitchen wall is covered by ceramic tile as it is easier to clean compare to other materials. Other than black and white, the house’s kitchen employs the metallic color as employed by the trash bin, stove, and refrigerator.

The house has two stairs placed across to one another in the living room. The stairs is covered by marble tile flooring. Its balusters and handrails are made of stainless steel. The stairs would take us to the second floor which accommodates the private room for the residents. It has a study room which is covered by grey rug. The study room employs a desk and an armchair. It is also complemented by Mediterranean rug placed under bamboo armchairs. Study room in this modern house architecture which applies the outdoor dining sets also employs large windows placed on the back of the chair.

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18 Photos of the Outdoor Dining Sets for Modest Modern House Model

Wooden Table and some Wooden Chairs on Black FloorWooden Table and some Wooden Chairs on Black FloorWooden Patio and the Wooden Fence near the Green Grass YardWooden Desk and Rattan Sofas near Wooden ShelvesWhite Sink and White Vanity under the Bright LampWhite Chairs and Black Table under the Black LampWhite Cabinets in the with Black Tile FloorUnique Rounded Lamp and Black Sofas on the Wide Grey RugSitting Space with Long Grey Sofa and Black Table near Kitchen ViewSitting Space with Grey Rug and Black Sofas under Rounded LampSingle Bed and White Quilt near Brown Sofa under White CeilingLong Sofas and Black Table on Wide Grey RugLong Sofas and Black Low Table under the Rounded LampKicthen Space and Wooden Dining Area on the Glossy Black FloorDrawers and White Cabinets under the Black Backsplash and Wide MirrorBedroom with Wide Bed and Brown Cushions near White BookshelvesBedroom with Single Bed and White Quilt near the Blue CarpetBathroom with White Vanity and White Tile Wall on Grey Granite Floor