Grey Flooring Wood for Simple Contemporary House Design

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grey oak wood flooring
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The House Design Grey Flooring Wood

Do you have a plan to build a contemporary house design with the grey flooring wood? You are in the right way if your answer is yes, because we have provided some pictures for you. There are some wonderful pictures which show you how beautiful the house is. Isern Associates gave their power to create this house. Finally, a project is done. It is Mediterrani 32. This project has done in 2012. If you want to know more about this project, you have a chance to see this project in these pictures. What are you waiting for? These pictures are waiting for you. Check this out.

They are the pictures of that project. See, the house has created with grey concrete wall. It seems so strong. This house is built in sliding lot. When you are in your home, you can see the higher view from your house. Well, there is small terrace in your house. That terrace is created with the grey flooring wood and black iron railing. It is simple terrace for creating minimalist contemporary house design ideas. Then, there are some woods which are putted on a space. They are ready for warming up your body.

Grey Flooring Wood Design

You can see inside the house then. This house has open room. This room seems so large. In the corner of the room is the kitchen. It is designed in white theme. They are white cabinet and white storage. Next to the kitchen is the dining table set. They are wooden chairs and white chairs which are arranged around the white circle table. This is simple dining table. You can have a breakfast with enjoying hill view. You get most wonderful memory with your family then.

Then, move to the bedroom. This bedroom is created near the glass window. So, you can see outside view. The master bed is ready in this room. Next to the bed is silver small table. There is a book on the table. Simple contemporary house interior design ideas which apply the grey flooring wood can be found in this bedroom.

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17 Photos of the Grey Flooring Wood for Simple Contemporary House Design

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