A Garden inside the House

Glass Stained Windows for Amusing Rectangular Shaped Residence

How to Design Amazing Glass Stained Windows Recently, Office Twentyfive Architects was completed the design of Casa Familiar with rectangular shaped and stained glass windows. This house located in Gerakas, and become popular because of the shape. This house is surrounded by residence designed in private design and it is equipped with best room’s small land with no form to the north that soon will become a public park. Look […]

Lovely Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist Home Design Concept for Modern Living Place with Adorable Construction

How to Design Minimalist Home Design Concept There are many fascinating minimalist home design concept that we can find out there and one of them is this Hal Levitt House. This lovely minimalist home is created by Levitt himself and this is indeed something beautiful. This superb minimalist home is so special not only because of the name of Levitt, but also because of its outstanding design. This lovely minimalist home […]

Incredible Mix Style Home Design

Renovation Project Plan for Mix Style Home Design

How to Design Simple Renovation Project Plan Right now, one of the modern housing trends is a mix style home design with renovation project plan. There are so many amazing mix style home designs that you can find out there and one of them is this Saracen Trullo Home by Luca Zanaroli. This lovely mix style home design is one of so many other mix style home designs that created from renovation project. This trace […]

furniture style vanity cabinets

Elegant Style Furniture for Modern Scandinavian Penthouse Design

How to Design Modern Elegant Style Furniture No doubt, the design character of Scandinavian penthouse design with elegant style furniture is always able to amazes so many people. Well, yes, there are so many other styles that can be used for the home creation, but it seems that Scandinavian style is constantly able to show its beautiful design character. There are so many amazing Scandinavian home designs that you can find out […]

Pebble Space and Wide Green Grass Yard

White Wall Paneling for Astonishing Home Plan Design

The White Wall Paneling in Your House The Casa del Viento will give you reference about home plan design with the white wall paneling. This project gives much reference for the people for creating comfortable house. This is not only a beautiful house. But, this is a house with cozy atmosphere. So, the owner can feel comfort when they stay in this house. A-001 Taller de Arquitectura has created Casa […]

modern prefab home design plans

Prefab Home Plans for Future Home Creation

The Modern Prefab Home Plans Modern era has given us so many things in housing design and one of them is the prefab home plans. Prefab is the latest method of house creation and just like it is not handmade like standard home that you can find out there, it is fabricated. That is the reason why there are so many people that hesitate about the beauty and the quality of […]